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American Idol @ Phoenix (Season 8 premier Tue Jan 13 2009)

It's that time of year again. When we see some truly awful singers get on stage with some lucky and talented "ordinary" person from somewhere out there. I don't particularly enjoy listening or watching the bad ones. I know that's what many people really enjoy about this part of the season.

But it's fun watching the cattle call, where thousands stream through auditions, and somehow upon the tryout, we the audience can somehow tell that this person, this singer has something special in their voice, in their personae. Last year, for example, I distinctly recall saying "Hey did you hear that kid from San Diego last night? He had an amazing adult voice in such a small body". It turned out to be David Archuleta. And at another point of last season, I said, "Well I'm not crazy about that mass murderer looking red-dyed hair but he has a really good rocker sound to his voice." That was David Cook. Within weeks we saw them gather many eager fans.

So we start in Phoenix. Gorgeous views of the Grand Canyon in the winter.

And the first singer is a fro'd out Vietnamese guy Tuan Nguyen. Nice sound, too stagy and went off-key.

Emily Wynne-Hughes sang Barracuda. Nice sound. On key. Odd hair. Not very loyal, but hope she goes through. Should make it into semi finals.

Randy Madden from Moorpark is a "rocker". Looks sort of like k.d.lang but is a guy. Nice sound (singing Bon Jovi) but doesn't match his image. Not a solo singer guy.

JB Ahfua has a nice voice but to me is sometimes pitchy. Wow, they let him through.

Now they bring on a guy that they are teasing. Michael Gurr is ... ummm... not really singing is he? Hmm.... Is he constipated? Is he Golom?

Will Kunick must be trying sound bad on purpose.

DJ Bradley does Celine like he's mad at someone.

Hmm missed the woman's name but she's crazy offkey.

Now we have a wildman Aundre Caraway singing and clapping and dancing. Not a good stretch in the show. Why is he surprised that they don't want him?

Arrianna Asfar started some organization and is a kid. Oh, she has a sweet voice. Not sure how she'd survive but she'll get some youth votes.

Now we get to day 2. Elijah Scarlett sings some weirdly low song. It's appallingly bad. Does he have a cold?

Another kid. Pinky. Lisa Marie. Hmm She's annoying. Hope she doesn't go through. She think she's Madonna. Hmm. Not a good sign for her then. Not a good sound to me but on key.

Stevie Wright is in a cow outfit. Hmm. Bad blouse from Phelan Cal. Singing "At Last" Ooo nice lounge sound. Love that sound. She's 16?

Jeremy Sarver works in oil. Real beefy butch guy from Jasper TX with 2 kids. Cleans up well and seems like a pleasant guy. I like the sound of his voice! Wow, does not match his job and background. Hope they like him. Yay.

Ouch. Bad singing stretch. Bad guy. Bad girl. Screaming blond guy #28207.

Bikini girl. They've been pushing her all episode as a way to keep us tuned in. Katrina Darrell from Chino Hills CA. She has a lotta cajones for dressing like that. Nice sound if bland and one bad note. Cannot believe the sexism here. Is it battle of sexes for real or fake? Ooh, she dissed a judge...

Sexual Chocolate? Eric Thomas is 18 and doesn't sound that good.

From Tempe, Brianna Quijada has reasonable voice control. In pitch for the most part, but the voice is not that bad. Ugh don't do that weird voice groaning stuff. Are they letter her through on her personality? Interesting.

Deanna Brown. Another smoky voice. Southern. Hope she goes through. Not sure how far she'll go. She's going through. Cool.

Oh my. Some emo 17yo is next. Cody Shell. Odd family to boot. Oh dear, he's into horror movies. He's singing "Wonderful World". Oh, he has a nice voice! No pitch problems and a clear boy band sound. Good control and everything.

Alex Wenger-Troutman is scary geeky. Cute in a scary way from Studio City. Well, that's a surprise. He has a nice sound. He looks very awkward but has a good sound and is in pitch. Randy's singing didn't throw him off. I see him going well.

Ugh more bad singers in a row. Yikes.

Lastly Scott McIntyre, the blind musician. Great voice! Lovely control, nice sound and a good falsetto. Yay he's through.

Phew... Long show, huh? 27 people got through. Not bad for Phoenix

On to the next show!

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