Sunday, January 25, 2009

Belated American Idol 2009-01-21 in Louisville

(Sorry about the late posting)

Louisvile this evening. So lots of horseplay apparently. They're going to have a ball with all the horse race stuff.

We're starting with a platinum bombshell named Tiffany Shed. She's singing Mariah and oh no. She's a platinum bomb period. Why does she think she can sing?

#16071 is next. 23yo Joanne Pacitti has dark hair and was previously on an album. She's doing Pat Benatar. Oh I like the voice. She has more oomph than I realized. Helps that she does a Benatar song I like.

A frighteningly scary guy named Mark Mudd who evidently was related to Dr Mudd of Lincoln's assassination fame. Oh my they think his bad singing is part of a joke. So sad!

A very attractive Brent Smith has a great country sound singing "Can't Get Enough". Wow, listen to the judges fight but for what reason? They all let him go through.

Now comes the part I dislike (as if you haven't noticed). They string along a queue of really bad bad bad bad bad bad singers.

#13758 from Kalamazoo (Matt Giraud) is a dueling pianist? He's got an odd mountain voice but is right on pitch. Interesting, they'll let him through. Not sure how far he'll go.

No we get Ross Plavic who spends his time categorizing chinese characters. He studied Youtube opera greats for this audition. He's sing "Cara Mia" and I am unsure he knows how this contest works. Oh what a train wreck. He now sings "Love Me Tender". And sorry but he can at least focus on his studies.

A mother whose hubbie is in military school at the moment now sings. Alexis Grace has a very bright pink shirt, as does her baby. She sings Aretha (but without the hat), and she's got a huge on pitch sound. Nice, she'll go.

Ok, now some more bad singers.

Now we have a very excitable Aaron Williamson. He yells out Clearance. He belts it out. Sometimes singing involves a yell, but rarely does yelling involve singing. Sorry Aaron.

Someone named Rebecca Garcia was on the morning news so they bring it up. Oh does she not know she's bad? Oh they thought it was a joke performance! Oh how sad!

There are four people who go forward: Kris Allen, Felicia Barton, Ryan Johnson, and Shera Lawrence. Dang, why don't we get to hear any of these?

Oh it's sob story time. A young person who grew up in and out of homelessness. Lenesha Young will oops sing an original number, but she's a sob story so we know she'll go through. Ooh I like the song and her voice. She's very entertaining.

So that's it! Til next week!

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